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J. J.'s interests extend beyond just animation and illustration into a variety of art and design realms; hence the studio often finds itself involved in a variety of unusual, but related, projects. Many of these topics have been covered by J.J.'s pieces written for Print Magazine's online blog, "Imprint"

JJSP has an extensive literary and visual reference library. A combination of his historical knowledge and use of this vast collection, allowed J. J. to actively participate in and engender support for the saving and restoration of an old railway terminal in Skokie, Illinois and the Bar Building where the studio resides. Contributions from this library have been published in books about Winsor McCay, the Fleischer Studios, Speed Racer, Samuel Insull, and the Chicago Tunnel Company. The studio continues to contribute to the collections of historical societies in the east and the midwest, and has helped restore graphic artifacts in these collections. J.J. regularly curates exhibits at museums like the Grohmann in Milwaukee and the Society Of Illustrators in Manhattan.. 

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