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Although primarily known for its innovative animation, J. J. Sedelmaier Productions, Inc. also has an established world-wide reputation for original design and print work.

The studio has a long history of producing spot illustrations, logo and package design, advertising posters and billboards, set design for live action spots, T-Shirt design, and Flip Books. Some (but not all) of JJSP's print/design clients include: Wired, Oxygen, Volkswagen, NBC, Converse, Slim-Jims, Footjoy, Home Savings Bank, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone, Silicon Graphics, Texas Monthly, Johnson & Johnson, and How Magazine.


Comicstrips were specially commissioned by both Playboy Magazine and Esquire Magazine. Communication Arts recently chose Sedelmaier to design and illustrate their "creativity" column - the first time the editors have ever asked an artist to do so.  JJSP has created a self-promotional comic book, containing select print and editorial pieces as well as contributions from both veteran Marvel artist Dick Ayers, and a cover design by the famed DC/Marvel artist Alex Ross.

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