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J.J. Sedelmaier and SVA professor Howard Beckerman, in conjunction with the Westchester Arts Council, The Picture House at Pelham, NY ComicCon & The Jacob Burns Film Center, co-curated the exhibition “It All Started Here”.

This show used the New York area as a basis for presenting animation’s beginning as well as the important roll the region plays in its growth and development. The majority of the exhibit consisted of material and artifacts out of the JJSP studio collection. The show occupied the main floor and mezzanine of the Arts Exchange in White Plains, across from the JJSP Studio. Sincere thanks go out to all that lent their valuable pieces to the show, with a special thanks to Julia Dixon who helped facilitate the actual construction of the show and its displays!


The entrance to the exhibit.

A salute to the pioneers behind the entrance wall.

Wide shots of the first floor gallery.


Wide shots of the first floor gallery.

The southern wall with standees donated by King Feature Syndicate (Thanks, Frank Caruso !)

Looking down from the mezzanine.

Winsor McCay'S Gertie the Dinosaur inhabited the main gallery. She was comprised of 2 movable walls, and could be relocated to accomodate various events held in the main gallery during the run of "It All Started Here."

An original 1936 Fleischer Studios animation disc/wedge.

Entrance to the traditional/vintage animation display.


The phases of: animation, ink and paint, filming, and editing were presented with vintage material and equipment. (Preview Moviola to the right of the editing bench was owned by Preston Blair, Bill Railey, and finally Tapehouse Toons)


1930's Moviola, and 1960's "planning board" made by John Oxberry for veteran animator Jack Zander.

Vintage paper punches from a variety of studios.

Multiple standards of peg bars used for paper/cel registration displayed over the vintage paper punch from the Bray Studios - (J.R. Bray patented the peg registration system in 1915)

A Mutoscope, courtesy of George Griffin, and a 1935 Popeye lamp.

A background from McCay's film "Gertie the Dinosaur" is painted on the wall.

A chart from Expo 67/Montreal, chronicling the history of American animation - 1906 to 1941. This extensively researched chart was the effort of the late Andre Martin who personally spoke with many of the people to verify events and personalities involved.

An original 1940's Famous Studios gouache storyboard by Izzy Kiein and Isadore Sparber.

Display of Fleischer/Famous/Paramount Studio related material.

NY Theatrical and Terrytoons related material.

Prehistoric, Chalk Talk, and Winsor McCay illustrations and strips related to animation's early beginnings.

Munro board

Jules Feiffer's original storyboard from "Munro", the Oscar winning short directed by Gene Deitch. Courtesy of Tony Eastman

Terrytoons related material.

Terrytoons display on back of "Gertie" wall.

Entrance to the "Commercials and Broadcast" vault with various animation discs and Bray Studio's shipping cases.

Bert and Harry Piel display.

Animated commercial art and title sequences including "Sgt. Bilko".

More commercial art. . .

TV Programming from "Schoolhouse Rock" to "The Berenstain Bears" and MTV.

- Don Martin VH-1 transit poster 1990 - Nicktoons clock circa 1991

Entrance to Indy Animators room. Nancy Beiman background art and set-ups from John, Faith, and Emily Hubley.

Indy animation art from Fran Krause, John Canemaker, and Bill Plympton.

Pat Smith art.

George Griffin art from "A Little Routine".

R.O. Blechman and Michael Sporn.

Michael Sporn and Bill Brand.

Art from Bill Brand's "Masstransiscope".

Figures from Jimmy Picker's Oscar winning "Sundae In NY".

Blue Sky Studios display.

Blue Sky Studios with Peter deSeve art and finished output images.

"Ice Age" maquettes and Poloroid camera with hood used for capturing images, circa 1980.

"Ice Age" maquettes.

"Robots" model.

Original computer used in production of Disney's "Tron" - animation by Magi - Synthevision, a precursor to Blue Sky.

1980 Poloroid camera and hood.

"Ice Age" maquettes.

"Robots" maquettes.

"Ice Age" maquettes.

J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, Inc. cel setups.

J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, Inc. cel setups.

JJSP maquettes and other 3D material.

JJSP maquettes and other 3D material.

JJSP posters, inspirational art, and video monitor.

JJSP poster art, and congratulatory fax from Don and Norma Martin.

"Beavis and Butt-head" and Al Roker related ephemera.

JJSP inspirational art from various artists.

SNL's "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" original art from 1st 1996 cartoon, "It Takes Two To Tango"

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